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Teeny Weeny Wiebs - #3 Pets!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009 - Teeny Weeny Wiebs Sessions
July's Teeny Weeny Wiebs sessions are here! Our favorite photos from the sessions (shown below) were hung in our gallery/studio here in Lancaster for August's First Friday (August 7th). We were actually photographing a wedding that day, but had some good friends of ours have the studio open for all of you to come in and view the photos. We heard it was very, very busy! Some of you came back in last week to talk to us, since we weren't there that day. Thanks for stopping in! We are so excited and thrilled, because with your generous voting, we raised over $500 for the Humane League of Lancaster!! And the winner of our voting was our first image below - Leah with Jimm, Odie and Bailey! Her mom will get to keep the fine art print that is hanging in our studio.

If you didn't get a chance to get in to the studio to see the gorgeous prints, no worries! The show will be up until September 3rd.

So for our July Teeny Weenies, we photographed pets. We had such an overwhelming response, that we will be doing more pet mini-shoots sometime this fall. Keep your eye on the blog, or signup for our new Email Newsletter to find out about all of our new sessions, specials and fun things we will be doing!

In case you don't know what Teeny Weeny Wiebs are: Each month we will pick one day to do "mini shoots" that are themed. The shoots will last only 15 minutes each and only cost $25 for the session! Joel and I will be coming up with fun new ideas for the themes each month. Some of the sessions will be for kids, some for pets, some for adults - some for all ages! Yes, we are doing this each and every month! As an added twist to our Teeny Weeny sessions - we will be picking our favorite image from each session and displaying them in our gallery on First Friday each month. We will be using the photos to help raise money for a different charity each month. Here's the deal: Come in on First Friday and vote for your favorite Teeny Weeny image. You can vote by placing a monetary donation in a bucket under your favorite print. All of the money we collect in the buckets will go to charity, and the image that collects the most money wins! The client will receive the print for free that collects the most donations.

If you are interested in future Teeny Weeny Wiebs session - please send us an EMAIL to get more info! The spots go quick! Our next Teeny Weeny Wiebs sessions will be "Halloween" - we will have some fun Halloween props! The sessions will take place on September 23rd. If you sign your kids up, they will not need to have their costumes for the shoot. We will actually be doing Halloween mini-sessions the week of Halloween. Stay tuned for more details on that.

Enough babbling - here is our winning image! Leah came in with a rambunctious puppy named Bailey, a beautiful Siamese cat named Jimmy, and good old Odie the dog. It was fun trying to get all of them in one shot, and we did accomplish that, but we really liked this series of shots we got at the end of the shoot. I guess you all did too! This print alone raised over $120!
Meet Buddy! Buddy is Maria and Chad's dog - and he is a beagle, daschund, jack russell mix. Funny thing is, we used to have one of each of those dogs! :)
Meet Bella, the beautiful boxer rescue. Her mommy and daddy, Pam and Jason, are such a fun couple - we are looking to work with them on their wedding next year!
Bennet and Rachel were trying to keep their rascally dogs, Mick and Lily under control. They were wound up!
Heinz is a cute little girl, and she was loving the treats her daddy Ben was giving her. He was trying to get her to jump on his girlfriend Liz!
Gracie and Choppers were soooo much fun! I could have photographed them all day! They just hopped around and looked at me, and I got a lot of cute shots of them.
Makenzie was determined to get Bruiser to give her a kiss, but I think Bruiser had other ideas.
These two, Rocky (a Swiss Mountain dog mix) and Breton the Newfoundland were something else. Joel was making noises trying to get them to look, and they both tilted their heads to the side at the exact same time.
Here's Rocky and Breton again with their little girls, Scarlett and Bella, two of our favorite clients!
And Miss Lily is back....with Shish the Fish! :)
Here's Tres, Connor and Finney, with their pup dogs Abby and Gavin.
Olive the chocolate lab was so wound up, her tongue was hanging out in almost every photo. Joel got her to close her mouth for just a few seconds and I snagged this shot. :)
These two were something else! Rocket and Peaches were SO cute! These are the dogs of one of our neighbors here on the block, and they were just sooo adorable!
Here's my boy!! This is my baby, Icarus, the Italian Greyhound. He is a big boy for an IG, and weighs in at about 19 pounds. Most dogs in his breed are in the 6-10 pound range. You may remember, but this is my pup I got back in January, and the first day home he broke his leg. he's so handsome and always gets so many compliments, we decided it was time to get a great shot of him - he is actually on display in our storefront window right now. Angus, our other pup, wasn't cooperating with his daddy when we were trying to take these shots, so he got left out this time. Poor Angus. :(
Meet Diesel! Another Boxer, he doesn't look it in this photo, but he is a big doggie!
Heather and Piper came in and had some good laughs!
Lillian and Max the German Shepherd were playing around.
And our last cutie is Sebastian! He was the perfect doggie model and just sat there with his ears perked!
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