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Teeny Weeny Wiebs #1 - Laundry!

Friday, June 12, 2009 - Teeny Weeny Wiebs Sessions
Well it's finished! The first installment of the all new Teeny Weeny Wiebs sessions is finished! Each month we will pick one day to do "mini shoots" that are themed. The shoots will last only 15 minutes each and only cost $25 for the session! Joel and I will be coming up with fun new ideas for the themes each month. Some of the sessions will be for kids, some for pets, some for adults - some for all ages! Yes, we are going to try and do this every month! A lot of work, but we are really excited to do some of these fun ideas we have been storing up now that we have a studio to shoot in.

So this first month we did a laundry theme and all of the kids had a blast! They were all so easy to work with and I think we amazed a lot of the parents. I know I heard whispers from some of the parents - "What can they possibly get of my kid(s) in 15 minutes?" Come on people, this is The Wiebners you are talking about! We can make a photo out of anything!

As an added twist to our Teeny Weeny sessions - we will be picking our favorite image from each session and displaying them in our gallery on First Friday each month. We will be using the photos to help raise money for a different charity each month. Here's the deal: Come in on First Friday and vote for your favorite Teeny Weeny image. You can vote by placing a monetary donation in a bucket under your favorite print. All of the money we collect in the buckets will go to charity, and the image that collects the most money wins! The client will receive the print for free that collects the most donations. This first month, we donated all of the money (just under $400! we collected) to Mom's House of Lancaster, which provides free day care for single parents that want to continue their education and make a better life for their family. We are so excited to be able to help out the community!

If you are interested in future Teeny Weeny Wiebs session - please send us an EMAIL to get more info! The spots go quick! We still have 2 spots available for June's Teeny Weeny sessions, which will be held June 24th - the theme is Local Foods and an Eating Contest!

Well now that all of the logistics are done - here are the photos! Our winner of the contest was our first image here below, of Gavin! His print collected a little over $125! Congratulations to Gavin and his family! After we take this show down at the end of the month, they will receive the print of Gavin for free! Gavin was one of our shyest participants, and it took us a little bit to get him out of his shell. But once we did, he was a ham! This was our youngest son Zane's, favorite photo. I asked him why he liked it and he said, "He looks like he is having fun." That's what I like to hear. :)
This is Liam, and he liked to suck his thumb. In a cute way too. :)
Audrey was our actress. She was playing up to the camera like nobody's business. We actually have 2 images of her we used for the show. This one is hanging on the wall with the others, and the other is hanging in our front window display. She sure was something!
And here is the other one! This one Joel and I proclaimed as "Best in Show". That's why it got a spot in the front window. :)
Brooke and Whitney were also a little shy for us - Joel and I had to work with them for a good 10 minutes or so to get them to warm up to us, but then we got them playing on the carpet and the rest is history! They were having a blast.
This is the close up of Whitney I just love!
You may remember Carrie from just a few posts ago, she came in for Teeny Weeny Wiebs too! We had some fun with her in the laundry basket.
Ethan was a trip. Enough said. :)
Ethan and Kate were having fun with our big red ball that was a HUGE hit with everyone.
Brooke! Brooke was really enjoying the bubbles, and enjoying making a mess all over mommy's lap. ;)
Little Alaina drove all the way from Selingsgrove for her shoot! Her parents have been following the blog for awhile and couldn't pass up the opportunity to bring her in. They have some friends in Lancaster, so they made a day trip out of it!
Noah was a sweetie pie and pretty serious for us. This is one of my other faves, Joel was bouncing ball with him and I got this at just the right moment.
Ah baby Josie! She is my other favorite - and she is so new! Only 2 weeks old at the time of the shoot. We photographed her mommy and daddy's wedding a few years ago! I love it that all of our couples are starting to have babies!
Kennedy was SO happy during this shoot! Smiling the whole time. I was thrilled to get this shot of her trying to hang up laundry.
Sophia was a little ball of energy and was really into running around! I managed to keep her still for a moment as she tried to give mommy a clothespin. So cute!
And our last session of the day, was Sarah, Lauren and Anna! These sisters were so fun! This shot really represented our theme well, so it also got hung in our front window. But don't worry, we got a fun one of them too!
Here they are, jumping around being sisters!
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