Linda, Mitch and the gang!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - Families

We are privileged to have Linda and Mitch and their family as some of our Wiebner support group - Linda is one of our babysitters for our kids when we have weddings. We worked together sheesh, 10 years ago now, when I was still working a "normal" full time job. We always love getting to take photos of her and Mitch and their whole crew. This year was especially fun because Caleb and Chase are old enough to do what we tell them ;) and have fun doing it. Sometimes little babies aren't so cooperative! But now that they are getting out of the toddler stage, they are much easier to direct!

For this session we went to Stauffer Park just north of Lancaster city. The kids are just so easy to work with and are always ready with big smiles and lots of energy when we shoot them. It's been crazy to see them all grow over the last 8-10ish years. Steven and Heather, the two oldest (and twins) are in college already! Eek! Enjoy the fall fun!