Deb, Matt, Sam, Abby, Ella...and a chicken in a pear tree.

Thursday, October 27, 2011 - Families

Ok, well the chicken REALLY wasn't in a pear tree, but I thought it was festive sounding. And the chicken really was in a tree! Deb and Matt have chickens and they love to sit up in the branches of the trees, how fun is that? But wait, I am getting way ahead of myself on this crazy and fun session, let's back up a bit...

So Deb is the owner and founder of Fig Magazine (downtown Lancaster's magazine to be in!) and Moxie House(a design, PR and marketing firm). She took advantage of our B1G1 free session sale this past winter and kept on of the sessions for herself. Sneaky sneaky!

We were really excited to get the chance to work with Deb and Matt to create some special portraits of their family. Let me just say, every second of the session was perfect! They are super laid back and easy to work with, their kids, Sam, Abby and Ella were just the best kids ever. I could have played with them for hours. And then the chickens! Joel was super jealous, as he would love to have chickens, but we have a super tiny 10x10 backyard, and just don't have the space for them. Some day we will move out into the country, maybe when we are retired. Just imagine it...Farmer Joel! :)

This session was packed with goodness from the start - the chickens, the playset, hats, scarves, gloves, a kitty-cat named Ruby, a turtle that was on wheels :), and some tree climbing, grass rolling fun! Whew! I am exhausted just from writing about it all. So I have a ton of favorites from this session, so I went a little overboard for the blog post. Couldn't help it, just had such a good time!