Matthew, Maria, Samuel and the baby bump!

Saturday, August 20, 2011 - Families

So we are totally caught up with blogging after this post! Yippee skippee!!!! Matthew is one of our best photographer friends, and he knew we were without kids this past week, so he asked us if we had time to shoot some quick shots of him, Maria and Samuel. A sort of maternity shoot - Maria is due in October, and they wanted to get some shots of all of them with "the bump". :) Matthew wanted something simple and just about them, so I knew this great field in Lancaster Central Park and told him to meet us there late Thursday afternoon. Well, for some unforeseen reasons, the shoot got pushed back by about 2 hours, just in time for a small thunderstorm to pass through. We waited in the parking lot for it to pass, and when we thought it was done we got out to start shooting. Joel got about 5 shots fired off and it started raining again. It wasn't raining too heavily, so we stood there under the umbrellas waiting it out just chatting. It was over in about 10 minutes, and then it was hot and muggy! But the light was gorgeous and we got all of these awesome shots - here are just a FEW of our favorites. :)