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Carrie and Jeff plus now baby Lauren!

Monday, November 9, 2009 - Families
Yay! Carrie and Jeff had a baby! We have been working with Carrie's family for over 5 years now. We photographed both her and her older sister, Jessica's weddings, and their younger sister Grace's senior photos. We love working with families so much! Carrie had baby Lauren just a few short weeks ago. I went out one cold morning to her home when Lauren was about 2 weeks old, and worked some great family shots for the three of them. Lauren was a very cooperative little one, and I think she did such a good job! Take a look!
Big yawn and momma kisses.
I love this one and the next one. :)
This is special for grandma and grandpa - this was Carrie's bassinet basket from when she was a baby! This was the one moment that Lauren was a little upset, I think crying shots are still important, because that's what babies do. Cry!
Wardrobe change!
I super love this shot. :)
Lauren was starting to get sick of the modeling gig and was starting to protest...but...
I was able to squeak a few more shots out of her!! :)
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