Dave, Jodi, Emily, Haley, Marc & Matt rockin the cool sneaks!

Monday, October 12, 2009 - Families
Sooooo......still playing massive catchup - we are way busy with production and Teeny Weeny sessions and fall portrait sales and getting ready for Christmas - goodness! This is always our busiest time of the year. If you have contacted us recently and haven't heard back yet, keep the faith, we have received your phone call or email, we are just a little behind right now!

So moving on to THIS particular cool session - we have known Dave for a few years and he finally decided it was time for us to do some portraits of his fun family! Why is this family so fun you may ask? Cause Dave and Jodi have TWO, count them TWO sets of twins! Emily and Haley are 12, and Matt and Marc are 4. How cool is that?! Dave made a special request of getting some shots of their shoes, they all love shoes, and Emily in particular loves to wear two different socks! Dave and Jodi said she has done that since she was a little kid, I thought it was pretty neat. So we got a bunch of shoe and sock pics, along with some playing around downtown Lancaster. Check out this family!