Jill, Colin and Tom in the studio and 'round town

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 - Families
Jill, Colin and Tom returned this summer for some family photos! Last time we photographed these guys, Colin didn't even exist yet! A few years back we had done some family photos for Jill's family - she says the family has nearly doubled since then. Time to get some more family photos! :)

Jill and I bounced a bunch of ideas back and forth and she decided she wanted to do a combination studio/outdoors shoot - so we pulled out the sky backdrop and our "grass" rug in the studio and played around on that for a bit. We then decided to walk around our new neighborhood - our first location shoot since we moved to our new space. We used the courtyard out in back of our studio and then walked across the street to our new favorite empty parking lot. :)