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What a kickin family! Jasmine, Kent, Parker, Sarah and Clare!

Friday, November 14, 2008 - Families
Oh yeah! We were blasting through portrait sessions the other week, and all of them rocked! I have to say when Jasmine first scheduled her appointment we were a little hesitant. She had said that their youngest, Clare, was pretty shy and they haven't had much luck with her and photos. We were a little worried, but figured the Wiebner charm would win her over - and boy did it!

When we first arrived at their house for the session, I spent a little time alone with Jasmine and Clare up in her room while Joel hung out with the older kids and Kent outside. I wanted Clare to get totally comfortable with us before we started shooting. We read some books in her room, and I talked to mom. I think it really helped her loosen up for us. We went outside and had a blast! I also just found out from Jasmine that it turns out Clare was sick that day and running a fever! She didn't even know it until after the session and though Clare felt warm. Turns out the poor thing had a sinus infection. I think she did wonderfully though.

Kent, Jasmine and the kids live in Ephrata in an area that has a really awesome trail next to it. After we played in the yard for a bit, we took off down the trail and found some great fall color to shoot in. They also had an old brickyard across the street from their house, so we ended up there at the end. It was really cool!
Parker is quite the soccer player.
Sarah is a real ham, even though her mom said she can be really shy too sometimes.
There she is! Clare was such a sweetie.
Clare really didn't like getting leaves in her mouth!
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