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The fabulous Kim, Bryce and Jeremy

Wednesday, September 3, 2008 - Families
Oh yeah Bryce is a cutie! Kim contacted us several months ago to schedule this session, she had to plan pretty far in advance, as her husband, Jeremy is in the military and he is currently stationed in Iraq. They knew they would only have a small window of opportunity to get some shots in! We were stoked to work with them - Kim is from Joel's hometown of Tremont, and even though she is several years younger, they still knew a lot of the same people.

I just love all of the expressions Bryce made! Joel said she was all over the place (unfortunately, I was miserably sick the day of their shoot and was bed -bound, so Joel did this session solo) - and I loved looking through all of the fun shots he captured. So wish I could have been there!

Yummy, yummy - kisses from daddy!
Look at those eyes, don't they make ya just want to melt!?
And a second later, not so happy!
I think Bryce has a mind of her own.
I love Kim's expression in this one!
And this is my favorite. What a good lookin' family!
Ok, I lied, this one is my favorite. :) She is super cute!
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