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Danielle, Mitch & Darby at Longwood Gardens
Randy, Lisa and the boys!
Jen, Derric & Anna in downtown York
Deep in the heart of Texas 2! Kelly and Family
"Hey, is that the bad guy?" said Ashton
Baby & Family Portraits with Krista, Ross, Carson & now Kyra!
It's a Family Portrait Session at Lancaster Central Park
A Lititz Family Portrait Session - April and the crew!
Alicia & the family (even the cats!)
Nate, Renee, Noah & Alyssa - Window shopping, hot chocolate, Christmas trees!
Lindsey & Aaron, plus the new baby - Leah!
Jonathan, Sarah & baby Finlee - she's getting big!
Our new neighbors!
Holly, Tom, Ella & Carly - What a cool family!
Linda, Mitch and the 6 kids
Kate, Chad and Max in the studio
Boo Boo the horse, and Miss Layla
The wonderful Sammie and her mom
Double Trouble w/cousins, Ava & Jake
Tasha, Cole, Cade and the huge Bernese Mtn. Dogs!
April and Greg and the whole crew, fun at the stables!
Stacey & Mike, and introducing...Graydon!
Carrie and Jeff plus now baby Lauren!
Dave, Jodi, Emily, Haley, Marc & Matt rockin the cool sneaks!
Tire swing, playhouse, HUGE backyard - oh my!
Alison, Tyler and Michael at home and the park
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