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The Wiebs hit the Southwest

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 - Workshops/Photography Industry

A few weeks ago we were lucky to take a little hiatus from the office work and head to Arizona for a few days. It was a great little mini-vacation and was super relaxing. This was our first time visiting Arizona, and it was beautiful. For a down home country girl (as in farmer/Amish country) - the landscapes of the southwest were just breathtaking. I was constantly in awe of the different plant life and environment we saw. A great example were the homes and power lines there. All of the homes are the same color as the earth - a desert brown color - and they all blend in to the landscape. If you just glance out across the horizon, it is difficult to pick out where homes are. It's really cool. Also, all of the power lines are underground - I guess they do all of this so as not to disrupt the beauty of the land. We were just eating up all of the diversity. Saguaros, cactus candy, woodpeckers everywhere - for the nature lovers that we are, we were in heaven! I just wish we could have spent more time there! We will be back though, next January...

We didn't take too many photos, but did take a bunch of stuff just for us. Here they be!

I really liked this sign we saw at a local shop...

Joel got this wicked-cool shot of some cacti.

This was right outside in the backyard of our vila we stayed in at the resort.

Love those Saguaros!

The resort we were at during sunset.

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