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4 hours...2 Wiebners...Southern Hospitality...

Saturday, March 29, 2008 - Workshops/Photography Industry
Well it has taken me quite a long time to get this posted, but we were REALLY crazy busy in February and the beginning of March. It's funny, normally we have a "slow" time over winter - usually after Christmas in mid January we start to slow down and just have office work and albums to do. This year was quite different. We just started "slowing down" a little bit this past week. Sure there are always projects to work on, and things to prepare for the year ahead. But this winter - we never really stopped. We have been going strong since last August. That's an awful long time to be working 6 or 7 days a week! After Christmas this year, we headed off to the DWF convention that we attend annually (post on this will be coming this week - finally) - we were away for that from Jan 3rd - 9th. As soon as we got back - like the next day - we started moving our office out of the house and down to our new gallery space downtown (post on this will be coming soon too!) - that took literally 2-3 weeks, then we had a week and a half to get ready for South Carolina. What are we doing in South Carolina you may ask? We had some fun and enjoyed southern hospitality! Well yeah, but for real on February 11th we gave a 4 hour presentation to the attendees of the PPSC convention. (Professional Photographers of South Carolina) - which is affiliated with PPA. We want to give a huge thanks to JeeJee Cowherd, the president elect, who put faith in us and asked us to come speak. JeeJee had first seen our work on the Trash the Dress site last year, and thought we would be a great addition to their annual convention.

When I first found out we needed to speak for 4 hours I was like, how in the heck are we going to talk for that long? Well in reality, 4 hours flies pretty quick when you are talking about something you love to do. Joel and I had a bunch of slideshows we put together, and shared some of our history together and a few of our philosophies on how we run our business, interact with our clients and photograph weddings. The photographers attending were open to all of our ideas, and we just had a fantastic time!

And one other thing totally worth mentioning - I had my first experience with fried green tomatoes - oh my gawsh - soooo yummy!

Below - our view out of our hotel window - it was like 60 degrees, and back home it was only 10 degrees!
A quick self portrait with the p-n-s, boy do we look tired or what?! We had put a lot of long hours in preparing our presentation.
Because we are huge dorks, we had some fun goofing off with our badges - it's weird to see your name as a "speaker".
The program booklet for the convention - now this is really scary - seeing your name in print and all...eek!
Huge thanks to Lucas Brown of Kickstand Studio - our ambassador for the trip. Lucas helped us out every step of the way, with anything we needed. The next few photos were taken by him - this was Joel and I minutes before we gave our seminar.
We passed out some info for the WiebLab!
Hmmmm....I wonder who that strange large man is..... :) - Joel in action!
Everyone watching one of our slideshows.
And I must have been singing praise to someone, Lucas caught this great shot of me!
Us with Lucas and his business partner, Lee Bradshaw - Lee is also another kick-butt photographer!
And the two of us with JeeJee and her husband at the dinner before we left. We are truly honored to have our thoughts and ideas so well received - and want to thank everyone there, and all of the new friends we made!
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