It's Here! A Wiebner Workshop - Introducing Wieb Lab!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - Workshops/Photography Industry
It's here, it's here - oh yeah - doin' a little dance....

We are just a teeny bit excited. Just a teeny. No really, we are super thrilled to be able to announce our workshop, a long time coming - we have been wanting to become involved in educating other photographers before, and we have mentored some, but not on this level. The Wieb Lab is a 2 day intense workshop - going over anything and everything you want to know about us and how we work. We want you to take away things you can use to elevate your business and photography to the next level. Check out the official Wieb Lab page for all of the details, but hurry, spots are filling up quickly!

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CLICK HERE for the full info!