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Hangin' with some friends

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 - Workshops/Photography Industry

Even though we are insanely busy right now, we made some time to go up to NYC last week for the PhotoPlus Expo, and to hang out with some photographer friends. We didn't take too many photos, but I have a few here. We had a great time catching up, as we have felt anti-social the last few months being strapped to our desks and cameras! Thanks to everyone who I got to chat with, hug, and spend some time with - love you all!

Some of my favorite people, Eric and Brooke from Be Creative Photography, we caught up with them at a party at the amazingJason Groupp's. Both me and Eric are sporting new haircuts - Eric's makes him look like 6 years younger! We are both nearly 30 - him in a few weeks and me in a couple of months. Yikes!

I spent like 2 hours on Thursday morning having coffee and catching up with Amber Holritz from Holritz Photography.

Thursday night at dinner, Eric, Brooke and I were left in the dust by Joel and a mysterious dinner guest...

Eric and Brooke again - brings back memories from Vegas.

Me and Jason Domingues - what a sweetie! We met for the first time back in AC at the Trash Bash in July, but this trip I finally got a chance to talk to him more. When I last saw him, he was sneaking a famous shovel to the airport...

Apparently the mystery guest likes his beer! Mr. Flamingo is courtesy of the fabulous Jessica Claire and her Shootsac

The crowded gathering of photographers at Heartland Brewery on Thursday night! Sorry I don't have more photos gang, but we did more talking than anything, and I kept forgetting to pull out my point and shoot. Cant' wait to see you all again soon!

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