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Atlantic City - The Trash Bash

Thursday, July 12, 2007 - Workshops/Photography Industry

Tuesday was the big Trash Bash in Atlantic City - if you are a follower of the site, Trash the Dress, you probably know what I am talking about. For those of you who don't, let me elaborate. Joel and I are on the admin staff at the Trash the Dress site - so along with Jason Domingues, Mark Eric and Heather Zawalick (they really did most of the planning) - a Trash Bash was organized for Atlantic City. Why Atlantic City? Well, there is a huge photography convention going on there right now, Jason organized the brides, and we ended up with 11 brides willing to "free their minds" and get trashed. Approx. 50 photographers signed up - most are attending the convention, but some were just from local areas and drove down for the shoot. We headed up to AC after our shoots in Cape May on Monday, and had a blast hanging out with photographer friends and participating in the shoot. So let's see some juicy images!

This is in the getting ready room, there were a ton of people in there! Photographers, a news crew, reporters, brides - it was like a circus!

The entire group (less myself, since I took the photo) - brides and photographers on the steps outside the Trump Taj Mahal.

The infamous Coopers (John Michael and Dalisa) and Jason Domingues.

Getting the ball rolling, we start out on the boardwalk. This was the main couple we were following - there were 11 different groups, each with about 4-6 photographers. Since we assisted in organizing, we weren't assigned to a specific group - we floated around to different groups to make sure everything was going okay.

Another group hits the beach.

One shot I was able to set up. This is Melissa and Austin, you will see them again later, they helped us out at the end of the evening with a special shot.

On the steel pier, Mark Lutz, Joel and JMC goof off.

In action, that's Joel there in black laying on the ground getting the shot....

...and the shot he set up and executed brilliantly!

JMC in action.

Mr. Mike Leslie toting around some cotton candy!

Another shot that Joel set up, that is a garbage can she is leaning on.

Ah yes, and yours truly in action! Joel and Mark Lutz helped me climb up on this trash can to get the shot, I was balancing on Mark's head, and that is his wife behind me steadying the trash can! What we don't do to get the shot...

....Melissa wanted some fun shots, so here's one for ya! Sand angels!

And a roll over into a more sexy shot.

Another one of Joel.

This bride and groom were really into getting wet! The light under the steel pier was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

Yes, that is really John carrying my purse!

A SWEET shot Joel got under the pier.

And more action shots.

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