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See ya Vegas! Heading Home! March 30th

Tuesday, April 3, 2007 - Workshops/Photography Industry

Well what a blast it was! An unforgettable week, making new friends, visiting old, and learning a few things along the way. It was a total whirlwind, with each day running into the next, and I wouldn't change a thing (except maybe missing that dinner with Sergio on Sunday night! Bummer!) - we are now totally inspired and pumped to start a new wedding season - ready to make some KILLER images for all of our awesome clients! So the last leg is here - off to the airport!

How do you get a shovel home from the desert anyway????

First image here is totally random, saw it as we were leaving the hotel - Joel and I have a strange appreciation for signs that are missing letters - here is one for ya...

So, oh yeah, the shovel? We debated about this darn thing from Wednesday until we left Friday morning. Should we ship it home, should we break it in half and shove it in the suitcase, should we take the head of it off and just take that in the suitcase - back and forth. Finally, after trying to break the sucker in half out in front of the hotel on Friday morning at 4 AM while waiting for the cab to take us to the airport - to no avail I might add - we FINALLY decided to try and check it as luggage. So we get to the airport, ask the nice lady at the counter - and sure, you can check it as baggage, but they aren't responsible for damage. So they sticker it all up with a thousand labels, well not that many but it seemed like it - and off it went down the conveyor belt, to hopefully be seen in Philadelphia coming out the other end....



made it!


We flew a shovel home from Vegas! John Michael Cooper is going to be so proud! This is for you John!

The shovel on the baggage claim carousel at Philly airport.

Joel holding his prize.

The shovel and an airplane - symbolism of it's journey. (Yes, we know we are dorks, please let us revel in it.)

And then off to pick up our children! Oh those 2 little boys! I missed them so much! And we get to Joel's mom's house after a way too long drive from the airport, to see this note on the front door....

And it made me cry....

And then this is what waited inside. (More tears...)

(Sorry for the crappy photo of them, but it was with the point and shoot, no flash, and I was crying, so give me a break.)

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