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Vegas Baby! Day Four (The Desert Shoot)- March 28th

Monday, April 2, 2007 - Workshops/Photography Industry

One of the highlights of the convention this year was a shoot out in the Vegas desert between two awesome photographers - John Michael Cooper and David Beckstead. We all got bused out to the desert from the hotel, to watch these two go at it - shooting in their own unique styles, in front of an audience of hundreds of photographers. The shoot was all arranged by the DWF, and John and David were the ones providing the artistic imagery from the shoot - which they recapped the next day back at the hotel. We respect both of these photographers greatly!
The shots below are simply to show some of the fun stuff that happened. So check out our take on the desert shoot....

Oh, I forgot to mention that there was a desert BBQ too! Some yummy food from the bbq...

Milos Horvat - we became fast friends - such a nice guy - he is from Slovenia!

A cute shot of my hubby with his little Brownie that he brought along to play around with.

Another one of Joel.

One of the buses (obviously) that brought us out to the middle of nowhere!

Joel and his Brownie - a match made in...heaven? How bout an undaunting passion for capturing everything!

The crowd of photographers grubbing on some, well, grub!

Joel having his portrait taken by the awesome Kim Skyles from F8 Studios - she had a Holga she was using -ooohhhh!

And the crazy Stephen Bebb!

Joel and David Beckstead - what goofballs!

A lonely photographer wandering in the desert.

Dust started blowing like crazy, and the model was ready so David ran off with her and started shooting, before the "official" shoot started. All of these photographers started running after him!

OOOHHH! Another couple I LOVE! Sean and Melanie McLellan from Tennessee - we spent a lot of time with these two last week as well, and they are too cute!

Wind-blown Neil Cowley

Jake posing for me against the bus with all of his gear on.

Our good friend Mark Lutz, Mr. Techie - getting John all microphoned up for the shoot.

A crowd shot of all of the photographers watching the shoot.

Aw, those Lagsteins again!

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