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Vegas Baby! Day Four - March 28th

Monday, April 2, 2007 - Workshops/Photography Industry

The Desert Shoot Continued!

At the start of the shoot, John asked his wife Dalisa for his camera, and she tossed it to him (shown here) and then he dropped it on the ground! It was all for show, it was an already broken camera, but that's John - he's got to be himself!

John and David working with the models. If you want to see the cool shot that resulted from this - John calls it his first, "Anti-Groom" - go to his site, Alt-F, and click on DWFC on the left hand side. Amazing images as usual!

So the story of the shovel starts here. John had just finished using it for his shot, and he approached the crowd and said something like who wants a shovel - 5 bucks?

So Joel speaks up and is like, "Yeah!" I got it, 5 bucks cash! And John hands over the shovel....

Still handing over the shovel....

And gets his 5 bucks!

Joel, thinking this is the funniest thing ever - and now, how are we going to get a shovel home from Vegas? Stay tuned for that story.....

John got a little dirty...

Oh no, not them again!

The shovel, Joel's foot, and his Brownie - and of course some Vegas desert dirt.

The Shovel

Back to shooting, John had Dalisa drive their car past the couple to kick up some dust for a shot.

My shadow

Joel and Eric, being, well, themselves...

Cool shot of Eric's eye while he was shooting.

Heath Sandall from Alaska! Had to post this shot, cause he told me his wife knitted that hat for him! Too cute!

Cool sunset shot of the crowd.

And us, with our shovel. (I swear we aren't crazy.) (Photo taken by Brooke Lagstein.)

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