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Vegas Baby! Day Three - March 27th

Monday, April 2, 2007 - Workshops/Photography Industry

All kinds of fun! The beginning of the day was spent in seminars, so nothing blogworthy there - but the night is when it all happened! We had a party at Bahama Breeze (hosted by the DWF, which was the convention we were attending), followed by a huge party hosted by Becker, and then some late night chatting and goofing off sitting at the Westin, our hotel. Tuesday night was our latest all week - we were up until 4:30 AM! We are usually night owls, but 3 AM is typically the latest -this certainly topped that, especially since we were on West Coast time!

First up, those too cute Lagsteins.

Ms. Amy Regeti, trying to hide her face from me!

Ahhh, Jake Morrow!

Me and Tom Kramer - Tom is the co-founder of Bella Pictures and he is a SUPER nice guy! I LOVE talking to Tom, he is just the sweetest and always has great advice!

Joel, the WAY talented Jesh de Rox (who totally cleaned up at WPPI Print Comp this year! Yay Jesh!) - and Sean McLellan. They are trying to be all aloof for the camera.

Neil Cowley sporting a ton of dog tags from the DQ Studios seminar earlier that day. His wife Liesl is peaking in from the corner, and there is that darn husband of mine in the background again!

Ah! Another photo of us!

Joel, me and Matt Sloan

Ok, us again, with the great Garrett and Joy Nudd!

Back at the Westin - we had a silly mini-shoot with Brooke and Eric - these two just crack me up!!!

Oh it's so good for you to be so silly sometimes!

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