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DWF Photographer's Get Together

Saturday, February 24, 2007 - Workshops/Photography Industry

Joel and I are pretty active members on the DWF, Digital Wedding Forum - a professional forum for wedding photographers. Thousands of wedding and portrait photographers from around the world are on this forum. Every few months, we try to meet with local members and share ideas, network, and so forth. It's always a great time. Thursday night, we had a rather large one in NJ. I was the organizer, and we managed to get quite a group together - about 50 photographers from the East Coast - NY, PA, NJ, MD, DE.

The super-talented Cliff Mautner, offered up his new studio to host the event, and what a night!

Networking and sharing ideas with other photographers is something we thrive on. It's so important for us to not just be the best we can at what we do, but to spread the knowledge and experiences so everyone can grow and learn. Events like this are a chance for us to share our passion with others in our field. It's such a phenomenal community that we belong to.

Enjoy the photos below from the night, and if you want to see a few more, pop over to my gal - Leslie Gilbert's (Sullivan Studios) blog. She took some photos that night too.

Thanks to everyone for making it such an enlightening evening!


This first shot was taken at the end of the night but I wanted to post it first - our group from Central PA that headed down together, with Leslie driving (Yikes!) - us, Jeremy Hess, Matthew Tennison, Leslie Gilbert and Kris McElligott

So we stopped at one of the turnpike rest areas on the way down - Leslie being - herself, and Matthew in the back snagging some shots.

Leslie divulged to me earlier this week that she has NEVER ordered Starbucks - EEK! - so we all made a trip into Starbucks at the rest stop and had to document her first "experience".

Leslie enjoying her reward.


Leslie is SUCH a ham...

A great shot of Kris and Joel that I caught.

Our good friend Mark Gardner - I love this shot!

Michael Leslie with his cake - he loves cake - he said this is the best in Philly.

Jack Saady and George Weir - caught in an intense conversation.

Mark Lutz, Cliff Mautner, and Joel

Cliff goofing around!

The beautiful and funny Desiree Martin del Campo

Andrew Reilly and Scott Bush

Us - finally!

Another great one of Mr. Gaarrrrdner - sorry had to do it. Joel thinks he looks like a pirate in this shot, and now we have been calling him that since then! Mark thinks it's hilarious!

The Marks

Some New Yorkers - Bill Wang and Mariann Szucs in the back - Brooke and Eric Lagstein in the foreground (they are from NJ).

Ah, Mr. Tennison!

Rock on - another husband and wife team that I simply adore! Brooke and Eric I had the pleasure of finally meeting on Thursday - I have talked to Eric many times on the forum and through instant messenger, but not in person! They are too cute and I just l love them! Plus who can beat a husband and wife team? Their business is called, Be Creative Photography and they are based in Hoboken, NJ. Love ya guys!

Sofia Negron in the foreground, and Matthew talking with his hands in the background as usual.

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