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Joe Buissink / Marcus Bell Seminar - Baltimore

Sunday, January 28, 2007 - Workshops/Photography Industry

Friday we got up WAY too early and headed down to Baltimore to see 2 of the best wedding photographers in the world speak. We totally believe in learning as much as we can, and who can go wrong with hearing two of the "greats" share some of their secrets? The entire day was spent being inspired, seeing amazing images, and learning how to best serve our clients. We came away with our heads and hearts bursting - they are both extremely inspirational speakers. Many thanks to Joe and Marcus for sharing their passion and infecting us with it!

Oh, and we took these pix with just a little point and shoot camera - so please excuse the fact that they are not up to "Wiebner Standards"!

First pic here is one of our photog. friends Lori, who rode down with us.

Another one of our photog. friends - Mark

Cheezy Joel and me

Rita with Marcus (left) and Joe (right)

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