Wedding No. 365: Allison & Sean at General Potter Farm in State College

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 - Weddings

Yeah I know, blogging a December wedding in May, what the heck? Sorry, but I'm just way behind in blogging! But will soon be caught up. We didn't have a very busy winter this year, so we will be jumping from December to May fairly quickly! But about these two. December 20th we headed up to State College to photograph Allison and Sean's wedding. They were SO enjoyable to photograph and work with. Super laid back and easygoing, these two were totally in love with each other and ready to have a good time. Allison has a fancy shmancy job title, but basically she gets to go to the North Pole and work on glaciers. How awesome is that? She loves geology and had good old PA coal at the reception decorating the tables. Loved it! Sean was so sweet to watch around Allison, you could totally tell he adored her.

We started out the day near Old Main in State College - the restaurant above is where they had their first look and had special meaning to their relationship. We then wandered around and ended up at Old Main. After a ton of great portrait opportunities, we headed over to the General Potter Farm in Spring Mills, for the ceremony and reception and more portraits! It was one of those days. But it was so easy with these two!