Wedding No. 340: LeAnn and John - A Snowy February Wedding

Thursday, May 8, 2014 - Weddings
Ok, I am WAY behind with blogging. Way back on February 15th, we photographed LeAnn and John's early day wedding at Willow Valley chapel in Willow Street, with the reception at the Doubletree Hotel on the adjacent property. It snowed, imagine that! LeAnn and John were both good natured about it though and even though EVERYONE was from Jersey, they still had a great time! It's always funny to me when people think of Lancaster as a destination, but I guess it is! LeAnn and John really loved the area and Willow Valley, so they wanted to have their wedding there. And even though it was snowing outside, they also had it snowing inside! A first for us, the reception came complete with a snow machine! That was definitely a highlight and made the reception interesting. What a great day!