Wedding No. 332: Keturah & Kiel at Brandywine Manor House

Friday, November 8, 2013 - Weddings
September 28th was quite the wedding with Kiel and Keturah! These guys were a double whammy referral - one from our good friend and portrait photographer Beth Cardwell (Keturah used to work with Beth) and secondly from another local photographer friend, Taylor who works at Coe Camera. We were very excited to work with these two after our friends gave them such good recommendations!

The ceremony and reception were at Brandywine Manor House, (with catering by our good friends at Rettew's Catering) and it was a beautiful setting. We had worked here a few years ago, but Keturah told me they had remodeled and added some things, so we were excited to get back and see what had changed. It was still beautiful and now had a barn added for receptions as well.

Keturah is a ball of energy and smiles and you could see the joy on her face the entire day. She had so many great ideas for her wedding - one of my faves was the school bus she had (for transporting guests) - but also for her and her bridesmaids to get photos on. They are all school teachers!

Her and Kiel have been dating a LONG time, and everyone was thrilled that the day was finally here. Keturah's daughter, Kalyah, was also a cutie and is 12, so she was very emotional about her mom and Kiel finally getting married. They included her in the ceremony as well, and those are some of my favorite shots of the day. She was so cute!

We had a ton of fun with these guys and their wedding party - and I think you can see the reception was insanely crazy. It totally was. Kiel and his friends are really into rap and hip hop, so there was a lot of great dancing (and craziness!) at the reception. What a day!