Wedding No. 321: Dee & Jeff's Intimate Wedding at King's Cottage

Monday, July 8, 2013 - Weddings
June 8th we had a lovely little early morning wedding with Dee and Jeff at King's Cottage B&B in Lancaster. It was a small intimate affair, with only about 14 people total, but sometimes, those are the best weddings to be at! Being treated like family, being included in every little moment, it really is a step inside someone's lives for those few hours. We were a bit worried about Dee though, as she had to have emergency surgery a few days before the weddings - yes, just a few days! - but ended up being able to attend the wedding and have it go off without a hitch. The only thing they had to alter was that her and Jeff sat down for the ceremony. We were able to work with that just fine.

The location itself was gorgeous, and the food looked delicious! Such a great little gem tucked away in Lancaster. Great day for this lovely couple to visit Lancaster for their wedding!