Wedding No. 316: Lori & Sagar at Ironstone Ranch

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - Weddings
"It was love at first Skype."

Those were Sagar's words to the vidoegrapher about us, during our time with him and Lori on April 20th at IronStone Ranch in Elizabethtown, PA. Let's just say this: Sagar and Joel "might" just share a slight zombie obsession. Just a teensy weensy little bit. :) We had several Skype meetings with Lori and Sagar from when we first met all the way up until just before the wedding. They weren't really local to Lancaster, and it was a good way to get to know each other. They are a cool and fun couple, who had a ton of great stuff planned for their wedding day. Even though Lori was pretty actively involved in the wedding process, Sagar really took the reins and came up with a bunch of ideas himself as well. Together they made the day memorable!

The property at Ironstone is really spectacular, and there is definietely not a lack for great places and spots to shoot. The horse-drawn wagons and carriages are a huge bonus too! What a way to make a ceremony entrance! And then they drove us around on the property on them as well. Totally made for some great shots. (Especially when they raced each other!) Our portrait time with Lori, Sagar and the wedding party was defintely a blast. Oh let's see, Joel fell down a creek bank (he was totally fine) and Sagar and Lori did a little fishing, planted a tree, played in a field...I could keep going but you get the picture. One of the best things about the reception was the surprise groom's zombie cake that Lori had made for Sagar. It was pretty awesome! And there was some great dancing - a party we actually didn't want to leave because everyone was having so much fun.

So that's it. A great day and Lori and Sagar were too fun and oh wait. Yeah. I bet Lori and Sagar are wondering, where is that LAST photo of the day? The one that was a little different? A little out of the ordinary? THAT ONE, will actually have to wait until tomorrow. See, we did a super special last shot with Lori and Sagar. And Joel needed a little extra time to make it look its best. So I am actually going to blog that one all by itself tomorrow. It is a shot you won't want to miss!

There were a ton of awesome vendors that made this day rock and I have to give them a little love here:
Wedding Planner: Melissa Martin at Stylish O
Cake: Bella Manse
Florist: Stacia at Petals With Style
Catering: C&J Catering
DJ: ProVolve Entertainment
Videographer: DeSwert Productions