Carly & Jason's Wedding - They met on the Metro!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - Weddings
So before I get in to the fun day from August 25th - a few things need mentioned. First, Carly is the sister of one of our favorite grooms from several years ago. We were super de duper excited when we found out we were open for Carly's date and that we were going to get to work with her and her family again! Secondly, I really must share my abbreviated version of how Carly and Jason met. I just think its funny and cute. Carly and Jason were both living and working in Washington DC, and were BOTH on local kickball teams. So on the Metro one day, they were sitting across from each other, and Carly thought, hey I know that guy. So she just started talking to him on the Metro and they hit it off. After she left the Metro, she completely forgot his name (don't yell at the poor gal, Joel has a terrible memory with names too) - so after her game they were all at the bar, and she had a friend go up and talk to him and find out his name again. Apparently the rest is history. Love and kickball, its all ya need! :)

So the wedding on August 25th was beautiful - lovely weather, great venues, great people, a cookie table - who could go wrong? Carly was pretty nervous before the ceremony, but the nerves quickly diminished when she walked down the aisle and saw Jason waiting for her. The rest of the day was a breeze, with some photos at the Harrisburg State Capitol, and then some more portraits at the reception venue - the West Shore Country Club. Totally love working there with Steve and his great staff! The cookie table was the bomb - so many great cookies, and some I haven't even seen or heard of before. (Carly's family is originally from the Pittsburgh area, thus, the cookie table.) Some fun dancing rounded out the day. Congrats to Carly and Jason!