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Megan & Pete's Wedding Dowtown Harrisburg and Peter Allen House

Friday, August 3, 2012 - Weddings
July 14th was our last wedding before vacation, and we couldn't have had a better day! Megan and Pete were a sweet couple to work with. They gave us a bunch of time to get some cool portraits of them walking around downtown Harrisburg. (Their ceremony was at St. Patrick's Cathedral on State Street.) and their friends and family knew how to have a good time at the Peter Allen House during the reception. Megan was all smiles all day, so was Pete, but she was one of those brides that just lit up the room when she smiled or laughed. We took full advantage of it too!

Pete's a graphic designer, and is in AIGA, where he found out about us. We have done some work for them in the past (plus our friend and our designer, Nate, was president of the local AIGA chapter at one point.) He appreciated our eye or should I say eyes, and how we approach the day. I think we found some fun and funky and casual candids to satisfy him! Oh, and I almost forgot. Pete also found out about us through one of our favorite previous wedding couples, Megan and Matt. You may remember their totally flippin fantastic, New Year's Eve Wedding from all the way back in 2007. A friend of Pete's is Matt's cousin, and the rest is history. So I don't know which came first, the chicken or the egg, but you get the idea.

There were a ton of kids at this wedding, and they tried to steal the spotlight a few times, but Megan and Pete won out in the end. They were so cute together! We hope you enjoy the photos, we sure enjoyed taking them!
I love this shot. One, two, three, ready - go!
St. Pat's is one of the prettiest cathedrals around.
Angles, lines and tigers. Oh my!
Bubble mania!
Megan's nephew was a sweetie!
+1 for the flower girls! While we were doing family photos, they went over here to the altar and started praying, it was so cute!
This has a super creepy spooky mansion feel, until you see Pete holding the flowers. ;)
Megan was trying so hard to be serious, but she just couldn't stop smiling, and this shot of her trying not to smile is better anyway :)
Reception time!
So awesome.
There is so much going on with everyone's hands in this shot that I couldn't not blog it. I love the flow!
Boy those kids sure want some cake.
So I have no idea what happened here. Joel took it, and said there was some discussion about being hot and sweaty. Well, it is an awesome shot, and I had to blog it and I hope Megan doesn't get mad at me cause I love it.
The end, ok bye bye!
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