A 2 Ceremony Wedding Day with Kavya & Adam at Buhl Mansion

Monday, July 9, 2012 - Weddings
It was hard to pick just a handful of favorites from this June 23rd wedding with Kavya and Adam. There was a bit of a hike for us to get there - the ceremony and reception were all held at Buhl Mansion, which is in Sharon, PA. And uh, "Where the heck is that?" you might ask. It is allllll the way out on the western PA border, just a few miles from the Ohio state line. So roughly, about 5.5-6 hrs to get there from good old Wiebner territory of Lancaster. Oh, and just so you don't think we have an entirely glamorous job, Joel was shooting the Celebrate Lancaster event for MOOSE in downtown Lancaster on Friday night, the 22nd. He didn't finish until 10:30pm, and then we had to do that nice short, 6 hour drive to get to the hotel for the wedding the next day. Yeah, do the math. We got there at roughly 5am. Luckily, we didn't have to be at the wedding until after lunch on Saturday!

So now, the wedding day. It was hot and sunny, and we had 2 ceremonies, 2 changes of wedding attire and 2 important people! Kavya and Adam were a very nice and calm, quiet couple to work with. We did some portraits before each ceremony, in each of their outfits - both Indian and Western. The ceremonies were really special and even intimate, for the number of guests that were there. Again, there were so many great opportunities! The Indian ceremony was held first, with the ceremony taking place on the Mandap, and traditional seating for the guests. After it was over, everyone changed, and then the Western ceremony was held in a grassy area near the reception tent, and the guests could all stand and gather around for the vows.

The reception was a great mix of Indian and Western music - sometimes flip flopping back and forth doesn't always work at receptions when music is concerned, but ALL of the guests embraced the different music and everyone was dancing and trying new things. Kavya and Adam have been together a long time, so both of their families and friends seemed entirely comfortable with each other. It was a huge party!