Hilary & Emily's Wedding at Cork Factory Hotel

Thursday, June 28, 2012 - Weddings
June 15th - can I say freaking sweet?!? We loved being the photographers at Hilary and Emily's wedding. These two gals are so sweet, loving, caring, fun - I don't know how to describe them! They are just something special, and we feel so honored to have been a part of their day. We had gorgeous weather at Cork Factory Hotel for the entire day. Petals With Style provided the beautiful buds, and DJ Andy from DJ Freez Productions, tore up the music and got those people dancing!

Emily's brother is in the military, and unfortunately wasn't granted leave for the wedding, but with technology these days...he was on a laptop Skyping the entire day! Emily's parent's and other brother were carrying him around and he was definitely involved in all of the festivities! Toasts were given by every member of the wedding party at the reception, a first for us. Usually we see one or two, but not 6! :) It was definitely touching, as you can see each party member has a special connection to Hilary and Emily. Oh! And their kitties even made an "appearance" - well sort of. They were all dressed up and photographed for the wedding, and their photos were placed with the placecards. They are sooo cute! There is a photo of them below.

We loved this day! Congratulations Hilary and Emily!