Last wedding of 2011 - Christina & Jeff in Lancaster

Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - Weddings
Whoa nelly! Its the last wedding of 2011! How did that happen so quickly? Well, we don't have a single December wedding this year. On average, we usually have about 2 November weddings and 2 December weddings each year. This year we had 5 November weddings and no December weddings. Go figure! Bookings are very unpredictable in this industry.

So post-Thanksgiving weekend we wrapped up the year here in good old Lancaster county, specifically DOWNTOWN Lancaster city (yeauuhh!) with Christina and Jeff and a gaggle of wedding party peeps. The getting ready was all at the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square, the ceremony was at St. Joe's Catholic, and the reception was at the Lancaster Quilt & Textile Museum. We had a trolley to zip around town in after the ceremony for portrait time, which was the right time, at sunset. Christina and Jeff weren't super familiar with downtown Lancaster (Christina's from Jersey and Jeff's from Elizabethtown originally), so they left the "spots" up to us and we visited some of our favorite urban areas.

The textile museum was gorgeous for the reception (it was our first time shooting there) and we stayed right until the end, when Christina and her family/friends ended the reception with a special dollar dance. Jeff had to rescue her and whisk her away!

I still have some portrait sessions to get on the blog, and Joel wants to do an end of year special wrap up, but then we will be on break until mid-January when we have another wedding. On to 2012!