Alicia & Mike's Sunny & Funny Wedding

Monday, November 21, 2011 - Weddings
Alicia and Mike were married on November 5th (yay, I'm finally into blogging November stuff!) - and they had been referred to us by one of our most awesome, favorite couples ever, Jen & Eric. (They were at Alicia and Mike's wedding and it was so great to see them again!)

So Alicia and Mike were married at a Catholic church near Alicia's parent's home, and then the reception was at Deerfield Country Club in Newark, DE. It was the start of the REAL fall weather for us (October was more rainy and cold than pretty, but we work with what we are given, right?) - so November is turning out to be beautiful, and this was the start of it! Alicia had some great colors going on, silvery grey with some bright yellow. How sweet! The church had some really great light - so many windows and even though Alicia and Mike were backlit for the whole ceremony, it worked out perfect. And Deerfield was a great reception location - they were so nice and helpful, something so rare at some venues.

Alicia and Mike were nice as could be, and their guests and family were more of the same. The entire day was splendid!