Christina & David's October Snowpocalypse Wedding in Dowtown Philadephia!

Friday, November 18, 2011 - Weddings
Ok, so the great October "snowpocalypse" in downtown Philadelphia really wasn't much of an apocalypse. Heck, it barely even snowed! Nevertheless, it still caused quite a ruckus for our October 29th wedding with Christina and David. When it's rainy and messy out, and you have to travel from place to place on a wedding day, it just makes everything....slooowwww....down. :) It takes a lot longer to get from Point A to Point B, as you have umbrellas, need to make sure dresses aren't getting wet and dirty, etc. Christina was a super trooper though, and we managed to get to all of the places she wanted to hit for portraits that day. Oh, and we had an EXCELLENT trolley driver! Getting way ahead of myself though....

The day started out with Joel and I arriving super early cause we didn't know what traffic was going to be like coming into Philly from Lancaster. So we got to downtown Philly about an hour and a half ahead of schedule. It proved beneficial, as we were able to scope out the ceremony/reception locations, and figure out that we could park our car at the reception location, (Trust which is a simply gorgeous venue!) and then hop on the trolley from the hotels and ride it the rest of the day with the wedding party. Christina was totally cool with that and it eased our minds. Parking in Philly can be a nightmare! So Joel dropped me off with Christina and the gals at Rittenhouse 1715 and then parked his car and walked 2 blocks in the yucky weather to David's hotel (Penn's View) and we went from there!

The ceremony was held at Old St. Joe's Catholic Church, and after a traditional mass and some family photos, the adventure continued! Christina had a lengthy break in between her ceremony and reception, so for about 2 hours, we drove all over Philly, hopping on and off the trolley and having a blast! We went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, 30th Street Station, stopped in the street to get the classic "City Hall" shot, and then it was on to Headhouse Market and Elfreth's Alley! Whew! We of course ended up at Trust and that's when the party really got started....

...cause Jellyroll was in the house! Oh yeah! We worked with them a few years ago and they just know how to tear it up. Christina and David knew how to throw a party! They also had all kinds of treats for their guests, with a photobooth, cookie buffet, and a gelato cart! Oh and of course late night snacks of individual eggrolls for the guests just as the party was winding down. What a day! We had an excellent time, as you can tell, and we just hope everyone else there did as well. Snow shmow! Can't keep us down!

Oh and special shouts out to two special people for recommending us to Christina - Nicole (her cousin) who works at the fabulous Two Paperdolls in Philadelphia, and also, one of our past clients, Brooke from the infamous Brooke and Nick wedding! Thanks gals!