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Leaving on a jet plane - Melissa & Jason's Wedding

Thursday, October 20, 2011 - Weddings
So they really didn't leave and get married on a jet plane, but they DID meet at the airport. How cool is that? October 8th we photographed Melissa and Jason's wedding in Carlisle and Hershey, PA. Jason's family is from Carlisle, so the ceremony was held at his church there on the Dickinson campus. The reception was at the always wonderful Hotel Hershey. These two just oozed love and good feelings. They were so mushy gushy with each other it was hard not to get a good capture. Great shots were all around! (Melissa had a super cute niece and nephew too!)

It started out guys vs. the gals as always - Joel hung with the guys at Jason's dad's house then walked over to the ceremony. I was with the girls and Melissa was itching to get in her dress when I got there. The weather was so gorgeous, a pleasant relief after all the rain recently. The ceremony was extra special because Jason's sister, along with the church pastor, officiated the ceremony. A walkway of bubbles led Jason and Melissa to the limo and we were off to Hershey! The hotel grounds can never lead you astray, and we meandered through the front and back and in between spaces looking for great spots. The reception was fun filled and hopping with excitement and everyone danced and laughed the night away. Melissa and Jason enjoyed it the most, I think you can tell!
The light was so nice before the ceremony.
Not sure about going down the aisle!!
Check out them shoes!
Melissa is a dancer and they had a great choreographed first dance. Everyone loved it!
Hey wait, those guys look like...
How low can you go?
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