Bekke and Greg's Wedding at Lime Spring Farm - Come on Irene!

Thursday, September 1, 2011 - Weddings
Woohoo! Come on Irene! Hurricane Irene struck us Saturday and we had a wedding. What to do? Well go shoot it of course! We couldn't let Bekke and Greg down, and the idea of not even doing it never crossed our minds. Luckily, Bekke and Greg's wedding was during the calmer part of Irene, and I think it was one of the better situations for us to shoot in. We had rain and drizzle all day, and a bit of wind, but it wasn't unlike any other rainy day we have around here. No problemo!

So all of this took place at Lime Spring Farm, in Lancaster. We arrived and did some getting ready of both girls and guys. I knew it was going to be a good day when Bekke had two pairs of shoes. One fancy pair for the ceremony, then a pair of awesome rain boots that Greg had gotten for her as a surprise for after the ceremony. She was ready to stomp through some rain! Bekke also had some great clear umbrellas, and we mixed those with the tan ones from Lime Spring and they made for excellent props! And Bekke's bouquets were just perfect! They deserve a mention, and of course Kelly Steadman from All Things Beautiful did them, and she is just one of the BEST in the area! Her bouquets are always perfect!

The ceremony was originally supposed to be outside, but alas, this is where Irene comes in, it was raining (duh) so the ceremony was under the tent. It was still a beautiful ceremony with lots of tears. Apparently though, Bekke had been crying all day Friday about the hurricane, but then decided to embrace it and dealt with it on Saturday. That's the way to go Bekke! She didn't let it ruin her day and we had a FABULOUS time with her and Greg and their wedding party after the ceremony. It was so fun! Everyone was embracing the rain and goofing off, and we tromped around and got all wet. We did get to go in the barn though too, and those shots are super sweet. ;)

The reception was made special by lighting and decor from Shumaker PDT, and Bekke even had a root beer float table set up! First time I have ever seen this at a wedding and it was really cool. Her cake was pink and green, her colors, and she had wiener dogs (aka. "weena" dogs) on the top of the cake. (Done by Rosie's Creative Cakes) Bekke and Greg had their daschund, Gracie, in some of their engagement photos that we took last year. They love daschunds!

The day and night were super memorable and we want to thank Bekke and Greg for being such great sports. Bekke is a fellow Instagram nut, and it was fun to talk about that and have the connection. We love her photos she posts! Congrats to you both, you totally deserve it! :)