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Stephanie & Aaron's Thunderific Wedding

Saturday, August 20, 2011 - Weddings
Stephanie and Aaron were married August 13th, and for the 2nd Saturday in a row, the weather just didn't want to cooperate! It was no biggie though, we were able to dodge in and out of the rain enough to get some great shots. :)

After some getting ready at Stephanie's parent's house in Elizabethtown, we headed to the church nearby for the short version of a Catholic ceremony. :) Just as we were finishing up at the church, it started pouring again, and we all were anxiously checking out the radar on our phones. A big storm system was moving in and we knew we had to act quickly. The plans had been to go across the street to Stephanie's uncle's house to do some shots - he has an amazing property with a barn and horses and we were going to shoot around there. With the rain being on and off, Stephanie's mom and dad called her uncle and he opened the barn and turned on all the lights for us to use as backup in case we couldn't be outside. When we got over there, it ended up we did a little of both. We would get a few shots in, then it would start sprinkling, so we would make a mad dash for the barn. It went back and forth like this for a while and was really, quite maddening. :) It was all for the good though, because we got some really excellent shots of Stephanie and Aaron in the barn. We actually were there at the perfect time, cause just as we were ready to leave it REALLY started pouring and stayed that way for the rest of the day.

After playing cat and mouse with the rain, we headed down to Lancaster to the Barn at Overlook for the reception and everyone enjoyed a cozy reception with some great food and music! What a day!
Stephanie has such a gorgeous smile! And it sure lit up when she saw Aaron. :)
Stephanie's uncle's house, what a gorgeous property!
We were able to get this in before it started to rain.
Inside the barn...
Love this bouquet shot Joel did!
Stephanie's bridesmaids were all teary as she danced her first dance.
Having a lot of fun!
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