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Gabi & Nate at Holly Hedge Estate in New Hope

Sunday, August 14, 2011 - Weddings
July 9th we photographed Gabi and Nate's wedding! We were really excited because their wedding was in New Hope, PA, and New Hope is just one of those towns you fall in love with. We have been there several times (but probably not for 11 or 12 years, yikes!) to visit their spacious wildflower preserve (in case you are interested it's Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve and it's totally worth the trip). Anyway, Gabi and Nate's wedding was at the Holly Hedge Estate, a gem of a little place tucked back in the woods, with several lovely brick buildings and a gorgeous stone and brick patio for the ceremony. It was quite beauteous!

Gabi and Nate were wonderful to work with, and after some getting ready and a short but sweet ceremony, we took their large wedding party :) over to the main house, had a few laughs, and then did a few portraits with Gabi and Nate. They wanted the emphasis to be on the candids, and they wanted to get to cocktail hour, so we didn't dally with the portraits. They have wonderful friends and family, and so many great expressions and moments were captured during the reception! They had a band, which is always a plus, and after several great toasts and speeches by dads and best friends, the party got started! The cake cutting was memorable as you can see above. Nate was the first to strike, but he got payback! Playful cake feeding is always great for us. :)

How's this for a pretty kick butt ring shot!? Joel fired off this beauty using ferns and available light, so there.
Nate was trying to keep it together while Gabi walked down the aisle. I saw a few tears trying to escape.
Gabi was just gorgeous!
Now that's a big wedding party!
Both Gabi and Nate's dads gave excellent speeches.
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