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Bethanie & Anthony's Wedding at Riverdale Manor

Friday, July 15, 2011 - Weddings
June 17th, Bethanie and Anthony were married at Riverdale Manor. Bethanie loves to laugh and Anthony loves to make her laugh. These two sure knew how to have fun! The day was perfect and the wedding party was so much fun. Anthony is pretty competitive from what we heard that day, and he had a competition amongst his groomsmen as to who would be the best man. We didn't hear all of the details, but it sounds like it was some contest!

The flower girls were super cute, and were Bethanie and Anthony's nieces. They were so adorable! The flowers were super gorgeous, as is to be expected from the talented Stacia from Petals With Style/Petals and Beans, and that cake! whoa it was so smooth and luscious looking! Rosie's Creative Cakes was the culprit behind all of that yumminess.

The reception was a hoot of laughter and dancing, with a great band from Philly that rocked the night away. I don't think they could have gotten the crowd more energized than they did! What a day!
Bethanie loves bracelets, and I really like this shot of her hands with all of her bling on.
One of the flower girls found the air conditioning vent! We love the vents in the floor in this room, we always stand over them when we are really hot! :)
Yeah, Anthony is responsible for this. :)
Bethanie's bracelet from her grandmother.
This gal could SING!
Best chest/belly bump ever!
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