Heather and Eric's Intimate Wedding at Mazzi

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 - Weddings
We are always flattered when another photographer wants us to photograph them. Even more importantly, photograph their wedding! Heather is a local portrait photographer, and we were honored that she wanted us to be there for her intimate Friday evening wedding at Mazzi restaurant in Leola (at Leola Village Inn & Suites). We were only there for a few hours, but there sure was a lot happenin'! Heather and Eric's rambunctious little ones were giving us plenty of things to capture. Heather had wanted a lot of photos of them and the kids, and I think we delivered! They were hopping all over the place while Heather was getting ready in one room, and Eric in another. Heather was escorted down the aisle by Eric's two sons, and it was really emotional. They had a bit of a different processional, with the guests standing and lining the aisle through the restaurant and into the ceremony room. It was one of the most emotional processionals we have ever witnessed!

After the short ceremony, we took Heather and Eric for just a few photos, and stayed for just the beginning of the reception, to capture their first dance, and Heather's daughter's guitar performance. The time flew by!