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Corina and Bob's Philadelphia Wedding

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 - Weddings
This is one of those weddings that had me smiling all day long. Corina and Bob were great to work with and their families really made me feel at home and at ease as I photographed their wedding day. I arrived at their cool little city home in Philly on the morning of the wedding, January 15th. Bob was outside on the step as I walked up the street. He took me inside and introduced me to a few of the family members that were floating around preparing for the wedding. We spent a few minutes saying hello and then it was time to get ready. Corina was getting ready on the second floor and Bob was on the third, so I was bouncing back and forth as they got all gussied up.

From their house we set off to the World Cafe Live for the wedding and reception. I've never been here, so I was excited to check the place out. The space and location was a great fit for Corina and Bob as they are both designers and clearly into music. So, check out the photos and let me know what you think.
Ernie was very curious about all of the people and goings on. I think he was wondering why I was running up and down the stairs so much.
Ernie, meditating.
Corina looking at herself right after getting the dress on.
Making sure they have everything... Corina's parents drove her from their house to the World Cafe.
Yeah, it's out of focus, but I dig it. And, no I didn't try it.
Bob is making a path across the snow so Corina doesn't get her shoes wet. What a nice guy.
And this is why we HAD to cross the tundra. How can you resist shooting under elevated train tracks?
This little guy was tearing up the floor to Michael Jackson. The hat was donated by the DJ.
Thanks for having me be a part of your wedding day guys. It was a blast. I hope you enjoy the results.
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