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Mandy & Greg...the last wedding of 2010

Tuesday, January 4, 2011 - Weddings
We couldn't have ended 2010 on a better note. Mandy and Greg's wedding on December 4th was not an event to miss. You have to remember these two from their awesome farm engagement session back in the summer. Their wedding was just as spectacular as that engagement session! Mandy is just the sweetest thing in the world and it was so easy to get great shots of her and Greg together. While Greg is a little more quiet, he definitely opens up when she is around. Such a lucky man!

The wedding day was pretty chilly, but it didn't deter us from doing what we normally do, take some great photos! We just have to work harder to stay warm when it's cold out ;) The ceremony was held at the First Presbyterian in York, with a reception following at the Country Club of York. One of my favorite parts of the day (and a surprise!) was when Mandy and Greg were announced in to the reception and they came in duking it out, both wearing boxing gloves and pretend "slugging" each other. The crowd went wild! Some other memorable moments were when everyone sang Happy Birthday to Mandy's niece during the reception, and she got her very own Barbie and Ken bride and groom - and when Mandy's dad and his friend had everyone rolling with their version of the YMCA. Great times! Mandy and Greg have already seen all of their photos and couldn't be happier - we were so glad to be a part of their day!
Oh those crazy bridesmaids.
Woohoo! It's official!
I love expoloring - I put them on this bench across from an elevator, it was pretty tight in that area, so I had to open the elevator and shoot from inside it. I think it worked just great!
Shooting portraits inside in the winter right next to cocktail hour is always a fun challenge, but we like to make it work for us. :)
Yep, Greg's brother was giving one doozy of a speech.
Greg! Surrounded by a whole gaggle of women! Sorry, our humor is coming out, this was hilrious to me.
Another humorous Wiebner shot - I love that Joel caught Mandy's niece's head so perfectly on the left side. You almost miss if it you aren't looking for it.
Mandy's nieces were so super cute. So. Super. Cute.
Yep, this was the DJ. Enough said.
Great times on the dance floor!
Who doesn't want a bride and groom Ken and Barbie!?
Hilarious to the very end!
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