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Bridget and Brent and that school bus

Tuesday, January 4, 2011 - Weddings
No, Bridget and Brent weren't married on a school bus, but that sure would be fun, wouldn't it? They DID have a school bus for transportation on December 3rd for their wedding though, and we used it for some fun portraits! I LOVE school buses, there is so much you can do with them! I am getting way ahead of myself though, so let me backtrack a bit. Bridget & Brent have had us booked for awhile. She actually confessed to me that she knew we were going to be her photographers for her wedding for years, even before she met Brent! How's that for awesome! She had seen our work through a friend and instantly knew she wanted us. It's great to be loved! I feel like we should have been under a lot of pressure, and had a lot of expectations to meet, but we just did what we always do and the photos turned out wonderful and just what Bridget wanted. It certainly helped that they both have a super cool and nice family, all of their friends were easy to get along with and Bridget had some sweet details to work with.

A few of the wedding day details...the ceremony was held in Bridgeport, PA at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church, and the reception was at a cool new wedding venue, Artesano Iron Works Gallery in Philadelphia. Bridget had a great photo booth - one of the original REAL photobooths, with black and white photo strips. (If you want a photobooth, these peeps are the real deal, best on the East Coast and we have worked with them all over NY, NJ and PA - Classic Photo Booth.) She had amazing caterers (Robert Ryan Catering) too - oh my goodness the food was to die for and they just kept bringing more and more of it out. Some of the best food we have had at a wedding in a long time.

All in all a wonderfully exhausting and memorable day!
Bridget had the best laugh.
Brent and his posse.
Brent and his converse sneaks - they have a shoe thing. LIKE WAY have a shoe thing :) It's actually how they met - Bridget was shopping for sneakers and Brent was shopping for dress shoes (the reverse of the norm for them) and the rest is history! All of the guys were wearing Converse, even Bridget's dad!
Love this shot of Brent taking Bridget's photo with his phone while getting on the bus.
Perfect timing on this one - we had just gotten them sort of in position when we heard the train coming and got them to kiss just in time for this shot!
This was right in front of Artesano, such a cool feel to the street, we wish it wouldn't have been quite so cold, we could have played in the street all night!
Dips are always so hard to catch, but we got it here!
Bridget's brother gave a most excellent speech.
Oh yeah, bring on that food. Mmmmmm...
Mini crabcakes and boy were they good. Everything was delicious. I am making myself way too hungry right now. Need to go eat lunch. :)
Bridget and Brent had huge cupcake towers that were scrumptious, but had a small cake here for them to play with :)
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