Toni & Bobby's Wedding Jaunt around Harrisburg

Sunday, November 21, 2010 - Weddings
We have been blessed with so many wonderful couples this year. Toni and Bobby are certainly no exception. They are so similar to us it's kinda scary. We have a really fun time whenever we are around them, we just can't help it. :) You have to remember their super silly engagement session from earlier this summer. Well the wedding day was just like that, times 10! And how appropriate, cause their wedding was 10/10/10. Yes, the big date of the year.

We started out with some getting ready at Toni and Bobby's house (just of Toni and the girls) and then we were gonna meet up with Bobby at the walking bridge at City Island in Harrisburg. The schedule got a little behind at the house, and poor Bobby ended up standing alone on the bridge waiting for us all for like 45 minutes! Joel being the nice guy he is, left me with Toni and drove over to hang out with Bobby while he waited for Toni to finish at the house. As soon we were done, we all piled in the limo and headed over to Bobby. I have this great progression of Toni walking up to Bobby as he sees her for the first time, it was really cool. I can't blog absolutely EVERY image we take, so you will have to wait to see those later (if you are a guest or friend of Toni and Bobby you will anyway). So my favorite one was right after they saw each other and Toni burst into tears and Bobby is blowing on her eyes so that her tears dry and won't run down her face and ruin her makeup. It's so cute! They are laughing through the whole thing.

A few photos on the walking bridge with the wedding party, and then we were off to the Matthew Ryan building adjacent to the Capitol where the ceremony was held. A really great ceremony followed by lots of hugging, kissing, laughing (always that) and a bunch of photos out behind the Capitol. We then headed over to the National Civil War Museum, where the reception was going to be at, for some more photos, which ended up being super cool. We had never been there before, and there is this great amphitheater, (that totally reminds me of the Looney Tunes), that we really rocked out at. That wasn't enough yet cause behind the Civil War Museum, there was a great little shack that we used. I love all of those shots!

The reception was run effortlessly by our good friend Matthew Cleveland from Occasions DJs and the awesome David from JDK that did the catering and event decor. A fabulous evening was had by all! We love you guys!