Jen+Jim+DreamTeamVendors=Rocking Awesome Wedding!

Friday, November 12, 2010 - Weddings
Ok, I'm gonna come right and say it. Jen and Jim's wedding on October 2nd was waaaayyyy over the top. There I said it. It was big and fabulous and fun and a whole gaggle of other things. What it wasn't? It definitely wasn't boring or dull or drab at all. Every single second was jam packed with something going on. This was a 13 hour shooting day for us, and honestly, it felt like it was about 6. You photographers out there know what I am talking about. This type of wedding only comes along once in a blue moon. So now that the blue moon is in, what should I say? Well let me start with all of the wonderful people that worked on it, then I will talk about Jen and Jim...

Lori Hemphill at The Perfect Plan - Lori came to us over a year and a half ago with an email that started out something like, "So I have this couple..." and the rest was history. Lori did so much for this wedding, she deserves so much credit as an excellent planner, coordinator and hand holder!

St. Patrick's Cathedral, Harrisburg, PA - ceremony location

Hotel Hershey - reception and afterparty (and rehearsal I believe as well?) and of course all of the food!

Shumaker PDT - This great group of guys transformed the ballroom and Castillian Room with amazing lighting and a whole bunch of other great things!

Renegade - without a doubt one of the best bands we have seen. The lead does a wicked Adam Sandler impersonation. Yep, you got it, think Wedding Singer. Their from NYC.

DJ Freez - Afterparty!! Who else but him would be great for a club party?

Invitations by Chrissy - all of the stationary for the wedding

Charm City Cakes - the main wedding cake! (Someone in Harrisburg did the awesome dog cake at the afterparty and I forget who it is! Someone help me out with that!)

Ok, I think that is everyone that I am aware of, at least the people that we interacted with. What a list! So on to Jen and Jim. These two were so easy to work with and just let us do what we needed to. We did have a schedule for the day, but they were so flexible that with our help we all planned the perfect timing for everyting. Getting ready then a first look in the Rock Garden at the Hotel Hershey, followed by gobs of wedding party and family photos took us right up until the ceremony. Afterwards we did a few more couple and wedding party photos at the Capitol in Harrisburg but then. Then! It was off to one of the parties of the year! The reception was raising the roof with Renegade. Jen and Jim's crew totally knew how to party! And it continued at the afterparty upstairs. We can't describe how fun it was to work this wedding. We hope you all love the photos!