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Yes, even I cry at weddings...Adria & Alex

Monday, September 13, 2010 - Weddings
Adria and Alex' wedding on July 17th at the Woman's Club of Englewood (in New Jersey, not far from NYC) was a special one for me this summer. So much so, that I felt compelled to write their entire blog post on the way home from their wedding. I was so moved at the day, that I just had to. I haven't ever done this before, and can't say that I will again, but who knows? :) So here goes...
(Oh, and one more thing, this was such an emotional one, that I even cried while I was editing the photos. How insane is that?)

Every once in a great while, I feel we are fortunate enough to come across a wedding that just sings to your heart. This was the case with Adria and Alex. We just hit it off and clicked from the very moment we met. We get along very well with all of our clients, and I think we are super fortunate to have some of the best and happiest clients out there. Alex actually said it best the night of their wedding, "You two are very happy people, so I can see that you attract happiness to you." It was one of the best things anyone has ever said to us. So getting back to Adria and Alex, their engagement session had been a fun one, just walking around downtown Lancaster. If you recall from their blog post back then, they actually came down from Brooklyn (where they live) and spent the entire weekend in Lancaster. They had not even booked us yet for their wedding, but were willing to invest the time to get to know us and spend a few hours with us in front of the camera before making the commitment.

I don't know what to say about the wedding day other than it just had "it". Ok, I lie, I know what "it" was. Pure and simple, "it" was love. They had a very small wedding, only about 60 guests, which was very similar to our own wedding. Every guest there was important to them. We were brought into this tight group and made to be one of the family. Adria and Alex had their first look before the ceremony, and from that moment that they saw each other I was a puddle of mush for the day. They both had tears, and not sobbing, bawling your eyes out tears, just simple, happy tears of joy. I have to say, it made me cry from behind my camera. I am a sap, what can I say. I cried in Toy Story 3, I cried in Despicable Me, I cry at almost any movie I see. (unless it's all out action.) So from that tender first meeting, they had me at "hello". :)

The ceremony brought on more waterworks, it was one of the sweetest and most sincere ceremonies I have witnessed in a long time. Alex' father had passed away not too long ago, and the second round of tears for me was while a few words were being spoken about him, and the brief flash of grief on Alex' face was something I will never forget. This time, I cried like a baby and had to choke back sobs from behind the camera.

Afterwards, everyone was just openly and honestly having a wonderful time. Dancing from everyone tore up the floor, the food and cake were just amazing, and all of the laughs and smiles were pure genuine. As our day drew to a close, we both knew we had been witness to something very special that day. Love in its truest form was what we beheld, and it was something I will never forget. Thank you so much to these very special people that reminded us both so much of why we love doing what we do.
We really enjoyed all of the guys tie straightening going on...
Those handsome guys.
Beautiful Adria! So the Woman's Club had an artist room, where all of the women paint. All of these easels were set up all over the place. It was awesome!
First look, first tears.
Looved the color in these flowers.
Back behind the garbage area (yes, we do explore, always) - we found this nice little hidden away shed, and trees with ivy growing all over them. It was a teeny bit cool and awesome and rad and all of those fun kind of words.
Adria and Alex walked down the aisle together for the processional.
Here we go - off to be married!
More tears...
Adria's grandparents were sooo super cute.
Alex and his mom after the ceremony.
Oh boy, more tie straightening. :) on - yes please!
These two were quite the dancers!
See I told you, super cute.
Oh there were so many more, but we have to limit ourselves and not put the WHOLE wedding on the blog. :) Congratulations guys!
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