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Erika & Brian's Wedding at Cork Factory Hotel

Thursday, September 2, 2010 - Weddings
Yes, back to blogging! It has been awhile hasn't it? August was sort of dreadful, I do have to say. Between Zane and myself being sick, and then being on vacation (we went camping in Canada - yay!, but it rained several days while we camped - boo) - so it has been sort of a whirlwind. We are getting back on track, especially now that both of the boys are back in school - 1st and 3rd grade - yikes! They are getting way too old. Now that I tried to explain what has been up with us...on with the wedding!

Erika and Brian were married July 9th at one of our new venues here in Lancaster, the Cork Factory Hotel. We were so excited to get to shoot there finally! It hasn't been open that long, but I feel like we have been waiting forever to get in there. We made it, and it was sweet! The ceremony and reception were held in the same room (it was turned over during cocktail hour) - but the best part was the great spots for portraits. So much potential in that place. Even though it was a little hot out, Erika and Brian were up for anything - so we toured around the property and hopefully, found some out of the way places to shoot in. We like to be different! Erika had some awesome colors going on with the wedding - blue and orange! She even had an awesome orange necklace and blue shoes.

We had such a great time at their engagement session earlier in the spring that we knew the wedding would be more of the same, and we were right! A great couple in love, what more could a girl (and her guy) ask for?

Erika was trying SO hard not to cry when her mom and Brian's mom both came in all gussied up. Erika has just put her dress on as well, so it was super emotional!
Everyone cheering and beaming at Erika who finally saw herself in the mirror!
Using some of the great brick work that the Cork Factory is sportin' in it's exterior.
Oh I got so many great shots here it was hard to pick one - fly away veil, fly away!
These two were SO cute.
Although we loved the brick work, this big white wall was a perfect find.
Um, and even more perfect, this sign on the wall which we nearly missed! One of the bridesmaids pointed it out.
Yep, on the fire escape at the back of the hotel above the kitchen entrance. I told you we like out of the way.
If you remember from Erika and Brian's engagement session, they really love books, and Erika had a stack of books on each table for a centerpiece. I think this photo is a little out of order, but I don't feel like going back through and reorganizing them all, so here it is!
A prayer before ceremony time.
Love that orange and blue!
The reception set up at Cork Factory.
This little guy was eyeballing that cake something fierce...
...and he didn't stop, even after it was cut! :)
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