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A Delaware Wedding with Kim and Jason

Thursday, November 12, 2009 - Weddings
Kim and Jason were married October 24th at the gorgeous Greenville Country Club near Wilmington, DE. Even though it was a little rainy, ok a lot rainy, it didn't stop us from capturing some gorgeous images for Kim and Jason. They were so cute together as we dragged them out with umbrellas in the pouring rain. All we needed was for them to be into each other, and they certainly were! These two have been together since high school - I think it's been like 13 years if I remember correctly. Talk about a long courtship! :) Joking aside, everyone had a blast at this wedding - the kids, the grownups, the vendors - everyone!

Getting ready was a little creepy - we had a whole wall of black and white men's portraits staring at us (see below!) and stinkbugs dive bombing us as they flew around the room. It was totally freaking us all out! The rain stopped long enough for us to take the girls out for a few portraits, and then the guys as well. The ceremony was intimately held inside in an enclosed patio area - Father McGee was pretty funny during the ceremony! Everyone kept cracking up, and it was all light and humorous. And flower girls! Kim had 5 flower girls come marching down the aisle throwing petals everywhere. They were all nieces of her and Jason.

I am so glad that we took these guys out in the rain after the ceremony. We found a cool little nook that was covered from the rain, and were able to get a bunch of portraits done. Kim and Jason had an awesome umbrella they had brought along that was from MOMA (Museum of Modern Art in NYC) - and was a great prop to use in the shots. I love the image I caught of them in the doorway below.

The reception was full of drinks, dessert (um creme brulee anyone??) and dirty dancing. :) There are some fun shots of that below. Thanks guys for giving us so much great stuff to work with!
Rings. On straws. Cool.
Creepy portraits of men in the background. We liked it though.
Yay! Girls outside in no rain!
This place was so photogenic - I loved the stonework and ivy everywhere.
Kim and Jason's mom peeking out the window watching the guys!
Love this shot.
And this one - really love both of their expressions.
Jason's bro getting all funny during the toasts!
Oh my. Creme brulee yumminess.
Whoa. There's some of that dirty dancing I mentioned. :)
And a very cool last dance shot!
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