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Alissa and Brian's New York City Wedding

Saturday, November 7, 2009 - Weddings
October 10th we traveled to New York City for Alissa and Brian's wedding at Bridgewaters, in South Street Seaport. It was a beautiful area, and we were really excited to start taking photos. We met up with Alissa, Brian and the whole wedding party at the W Court hotel, where we all got into limos and town cars to go take some photos. We went over to DUMBO in Brooklyn, and found some great views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. It was a pretty popular spot that Saturday afternoon, cause we saw at least 8 other wedding parties having photos taken! There were brides everywhere! We decided to skirt around all of the hoopla (after we grabbed a few quick shots with the view), and walked some side alleys and streets to find something different from everyone else. I think we did a pretty good job of finding some cool spots for these two!

After we were finished with our trek in Brooklyn, we headed to Bridgewaters to start getting ready for the beautiful candlelit ceremony that these two had. The reception was held at Bridgewaters as well, and as it got dark, there was a perfect NYC skyline view out of the windows! Alissa's dad is known for his speeches, and he delivered a wonderful and memorable one for Alissa and Brian's reception. I love the shot Joel grabbed below of him next to the projector. Dancing was a huge highlight of the evening, and it didn't stop, even when we left! Thanks guys for having us up to the "big city" for your awesome day, we had a blast!
I LOVED Alissa's shoes. Our favorite color green!!
Her bouquet was pretty spiffy too.
I love this look on Brian's face when he saw Alissa for the first time - isn't that just priceless? I almost didn't get there fast enough, almost, but not quite. I did manage to grab it!
And Alyssa's reaction to seeing Brian!
Some minor adjustments before departing for DUMBO.
This is the 2nd wedding we have had in recent months where we have had some really cool groomsmen socks. I love it!
I don't know why, but I really love this shot - I think it's cause of the bikerider just staring at Alissa like he has never seen a bride before. :)
Pretty. Freaking. Awesome.
Gotta love great socks and shoes.
Brian had Lego cufflinks!
This shot was caught at the right moment, Alissa was flinging her veil around to try and get it out of the way. Worked out just the way I wanted it to!
Another. Freaking. Cool. Shot.
Isn't this ceremony room gorgeous?
Look at that great view behind the cake.
This is really really cool.
Horah baby!
Ok, this shot is super cool, but totally freaks me out. Doesn't that girl look like she is a ghost or something? I think it's cause she is the only sharp thing in the photo, and then everything else is blurry or out of focus. I really like it, but its kind of eerie too.
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