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Jen & Dave's Funky Pink Wedding

Thursday, November 5, 2009 - Weddings
Funky pink! That's what we shall call this wedding we did on October 3rd. Jen had the BEST details! There was hot pink everywhere, and her jewelry was so different and, well, funky! I loved it - a bride who wasn't afraid to be different. The best part? She did all of it herself! All of the tables, decorations and flowers at the Yorktowne Hotel (including the bouquets too!) - she did herself. This girl's got talent! Dave said he didn't know she could do all of that stuff - well, there's always time to find out something new about the one you love.

This day went off without a hitch - the whole shebang was held at the Yorktowne, and the day got off to a wowzer of a start with a whole lot of champagne in the girls room! As we progressed in the day, Jen's details kept popping out everywhere, and the fact that these two have been together since high school was just too cute. They were fun and snuggly and were into doing a lot of portraits. We didn't have to go far to find some great spots right after the ceremony. In fact, we didn't go more than a block! There's so much to see if you just stop and take a look.

The reception was an all out, drag down, dancing like mad, wild kind of party! We'll let the photos tell the story, but this day was one fun wedding!

Rockin shoes, plus glass table top, plus awesome window light - equals killer shot!
Joel's ring shot overlooking the city.
Need some pink? Dave's got pink.
I really love this detail shot of Jen's dress and jewelry.
Isn't she just something??
These were taken at different times in the same window by Joel, love them!
Funny, silly, crazy girls.
This is just one of Jen's tables. There were so many great ones!
So I did a little xperimentin' and did a funky wedding party shot. Joel stitched it up all choppy like in PS, and the shot below was the result. You can also see this cool little animation, for a different view of the shot.
This wall mural was rad, and it was right across from the Yorktowne.
Martini luge? Yes please!
I love the balcony at the Yorktowne.
These were some seriously crazy girls.
Yep, that's the crazy best man. Lots of crazy people at this wedding.
I think Dave looks good with Jen's shades on, don't you?
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